TRUE PEOPLE SEARCH com Personal Information Removal tutorial

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

TRUE PEOPLE SEARCH com Personal Information Removal tutorial

I have some information that you probably want to know, if you don't want your private information out available for anyone to see. As you may have heard, there is a website called, and it's basically a database for anyone as long as you know their name, in the city that they live in it'll fill up their name, their phone number, their current house address, their family members etc.

I've created a tutorial, so you can actually remove your personal information from true people search com. type into your search engine, www people search in a Sardar scomp, click enter.

Now what we're going to do? for an example, I'm going to use my mom's name, because nobody really cares. But who my mom is. I love you mom. and we're going to put in the city that she lives in, and is looking to California good luck finding her, and so you can see there is a lot of Linda Fitzpatrick.

She would be really pissed if she saw this year, that is not her um it looks like that it's her name, but this I think seems more around her age. So we're going to click view, all details and as you can see, it's got all of her information here, past addresses, current phone numbers, email, addresses. So this is definitely stuff you do not want on the Internet.

So if you want to have your information removed, scroll to the very bottom of true people search comm, and click where it says privacy. Once you've clicked Orin says privacy, you're going to see under privacy policy for record removal request, please click here.

Now you're going to check mark the box, that you're not a robot, unless you our robot you can disregard. And click begin removal. Now what I'm going to do is type in my mom's name again, and the city that she lives in, I'm going to click search and this is the profile that I'm going to want to remove you're going to scroll to the bottom, and you're going to click where it says remove this record, and it sends in a request to have that information removed.

Now if you have multiple profiles like my mom, did you're going to want to do that process for each of those profiles. You only have one. Then congratulations you only have to do this one time, but definitely remove your information, because you do not want this for public viewing.