How To Remove Your Info True People Search

By Gavin | June 19, 2019

his is the watchman news, last night when I was scrolling to Facebook, I ran across something somebody was posting one of those search sites and giving the instructions on how to delete your information. I do my name in and I did find myself and I tried to go through the procedure that they said.


And the website was not working properly. Tonight I scrolled past the same post again and I'll try it and NC, tonight I was successful and I noticed like in her status there were still some people that were having some issues.

I thought I need to get this information out there to all of you and it can be little tricky to understand. I figured I would just come on and show you.

What's the website

The website that I am talking about is called through people search, it's simply, I'm going to put in here, we put in John Doe, and you can put in address, you can put in the zip code or city or state or whatever to be able to hone in on you.

You will see a bunch of John Dos, now how you remove yourself from here? Put in your own information and see if you're in here, and now I'm going to show you how to remove yourself.

Now here's the thing, once you search a name, there's a contact button at the bottom that disappears, and I think that would cause some confusion there, down here at the bottom, and I know you can't see it really well with my browser, because it doesn't quite go down that far.

But there are options, and right now I've got like the home page about terms and privacy, but there is no contact button since I searched a name.


How to remove the information

What I'm going to do is I'm going to go back to the home page, I'm just going to click right here, now down here, at the bottom there is a contact option, now down there, you click on the contact option it will take you to another page.

Please don't request record removals here they will be ignored to remove your record, click here that will take you to another page, read the instructions and you have to agree that the account you remove is your own, you have to check that, you have to click the reCAPTCHA to prove that you're not a robot, and then you click begin removal.

How to confirm the information is removed

Now we're going to go back in and I'm not actually going to do this, because it's not my personal data, but I'm going to put in John Doe again. Because we did have hits with John Doe, so I'm just going to put in John Doe, we're going to take a search here, and I'm just the third one, John Doe.


We're going to click on View all details, and it's going to show you all this information for John Doe. You scroll down to the bottom and you'll have this option, remove this record now. If you don't go through the procedure I just showed you will you hit the contact button, click here and then check the two boxes.

And then you don't begin the process that we move this record button will not appear, I just wanted to make it real clear real simple on how to do it, and you might want to go in there, you might want to find your name and you might want to get it out of there.

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