TruePeopleSearch Removal

By Gavin | January 13, 2019

A lot of people have been talking about this website where true people search because it obviously has personal information of many people, but this is business to them, and if you actually think about it, even if you have an email and you accepted the terms and agreements under like let's say MSN or,  any of these emails you do accept the terms and agreements.

All you have to really do is if you see this link down here, privacy right there you, go directly to that privacy policy. And for removal requests please click here, for all other requests please click here. Obviously, there's legalese on here, but these businesses are all just sold and bought and traded and it's easy to come across this.

If you just start directly go here through this link, the record removal request you can easily just go right here, I'll just put this in the description. But to remove your record please follow these instructions exactly agree to the terms, and check the I am NOT a robot which is just a Google reCAPTCHA, it just takes metadata temp data caches that have been used on your browser to detect if you have been two previous weird websites or act like a bot or a script in some function.

Click the begin button search for your record, so it'll take you back to the main page, basically bring up your records at the bottom. There'll be a button that's removed this record, if you don't see this button you are either on the wrong page or your session has expired, which in case you just restart.

So you click this by checking this box I agree that I am the subject of the record, I am requesting to be removed, I contained my name, address, and or phone numbers, or the subject has authorized me to have it removed. For them I'm not a robot, click this begin removal, you're brought right back, that's all you need to do, and then search yourself, search whoever granted you rights to remove them and remove this information from this website.

Honestly, if you keep it on here, and you claim you actually remove this if you keep this on here though it'll just be treated more, and more and more and more businesses will have your personal information, so that easy, that's all you need to do.