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By Gavin | June 19, 2019

This is a little bit of information for you real quick about this true people search website that came up on Facebook. Recently a lot of people were talking about it, a lot of people are uncomfortable with their information being on this site.

Personal information is sold

Now a lot of people are writing it off as being nothing more than just public information being gathered, because you yourself are public information, your existence is known, however, there are certain things and certain aspects to this website that proves to me that our information is being sold by companies that we sign up for providing personal information to, and this is not all just public record based that rock storm like 2005, now it's been inactive for years.


But emails are not public information, emails are private accounts. That tells you that your email is being sold and we all kind of knew that, anyway, because anytime that you put your information into a website with your email address, you pretty much expect it to be sold, but that right there tells me for one thing that this is not all just public information.

Information is being shared about you on Facebook

Now another thing that I noticed is this down here, one of my previous addresses, this previous address right here that, this has listed is something that I used, that's a fake address, I never lived at this address. This address does not even exist but I use this to sign up for an account.

And forced war Sparta batted that I think the account that I used to sign up for was a PayPal account. When I wanted to start up a business, but I wasn't quite sure how far into it I wanted to go, so I put some fake information in there. I think that PayPal might have shared my information, which is really bad considering that they're going to be handling my money.

But that goes all the back to 2008 which is the year that I first signed up for a PayPal account, so that further makes me just very leery of that right there, emails being sold, address information is being sold, and down at the bottom I'm not going to go down too because it reveals a lot of other people's names.

But what I noticed in essential contacts or associates at the bottom of the stage is that most of the people that are listed are either friends on Facebook or they're friends of friends on Facebook, so that tells you right there that information is being shared about you on Facebook to sites like this.

True people search probably pays for other companies

So true people search is not just a public gathering of information, true people search gathers information and probably pays for it from other companies that want your personal information. Like I said, rocuronium an email is personal, the dresses in the room, this address right here is not actually real, so this address was provided to a company.

This isn't somewhere where I live that I'd be listed in a phone book or listed in a phone book with my under my bad, you don't want to live with him or something that right there, that's just false information I provided to a company and that company shared my address, and then of course, at the very bottom you have why your contact so, and that's obviously Facebook right there.

Delete information on one site is not useful

This isn't just public information that you're seeing on this website, they're also gathering private information and paying for your personal information that they shouldn't have, so you could go in there and delete this information like you're instructed to by all your friends on Facebook that is posting about this, but really this is not the only site that does this.


I mean you going after two people starts and deleting your information is going to do nothing in the grand scheme of things. Because there's a dozen or multiple dozens or hundreds of other websites that also have your information, just like this one does. This is the way the world works and this is the way the internet works, but just expect that your information anything that you provide is going to be used.

If you really don't want your information being provided, stay off the internet, because other than that you don't have an option, that's going to happen. That's just, to sum up, things about this true people search website be very leery about their tactics.

And how they're getting their information because they are paying companies that you are trusting to keep your information private to release your information, therefore not making a private anymore. This is now a public website and everybody can see it.

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