The Truth about True People Search | TruePeopleSearch

By Gavin | October 15, 2018

What's going on the world? I just want to bring everyone a public service announcement, right now there's a website online called, where you can actually type in a person's name, State, City, zip code, and all of their private personal details will pop up, I mean the website was created for a good reason, and that was to get people in contact with who they might have lost touch with, and I agree that that's what's up.

I mean I have friends from middle school and elementary that I would love to come into contact with, but nobody agreed to have their personal private information shared publicly with the world, so I'm not sure if you know but your information is on this website, just as mine was some of you have a past life. where you may have done things that you don't want people to ever find out, where you're at or who you are, and guess what they can find you on this website. So what I want to do right now is not only show you that, or because you can type it in yourself, I'm not going to start typing in people's names and pulling up information, but I want you to go to this website and type in your own name in your information, and watch you pop up.

Now why I'm making this post, the point why I'm making these posts because you may not want your personal information on the internet right now, maybe you do, maybe you don't, but I'm going to show you how to remove it, so what you need to do is once you find your name on this website, you need to go to peoplesearchcombat/removal, when you go to removal, just type in somebody's name, let's go Willie James, let's just type in New Jersey, I don't know who Willie James is, if you're named Willie James, pardon me, select all images with mountains or Hills, we got the mountain here, we got a hill here, I don't know about the signs, verify, begin removal, so then you're going to type in Willie's name, once you find that name, you didn't have to go, so here's somebody right here, so let's say if that was you, you remove the record, my computer's done, but remove the record, once you do that you're good now.

Here's the thing to keep in mind. your name might be in more than one place on here. so make sure you wipe out anything that has your name on it, anything that has your details, I hope this post was of good use to you, please stay safe and get your personal information off of the internet, it got people's personal private details. the addresses, your phone numbers, and that are very scary.