How To Remove My Information from True People Search

By Gavin | June 19, 2019

This morning I just checked my facebook page justify, my uncle had sent me this site he had looked, all he did was look up my name, and he could find all my past phone numbers, past addresses, relatives, aunts, uncles, step-siblings, stepmothers, every personal critical detail about me.

That could literally leave me vulnerable. Basically, we spent a little time trying to figure out how to actually remove that personal info, and I just want to share how to actually get that information off here for you.


Too much personal information is found

As I said, this stuff has too much personal, if this is information that could probably people could figure out where you live and probably come to your house or do whatever because they have your address, now can you identify steps or something like that?

Because this is too much information and out here for the public to see. Honestly, I'm just going to recommend that you actually type in your name in here, that way you can actually see an example book that this person is deceased.

It will even tell you like deceased names in here, figure that out, a little bit ago, basically, I'll just go to a deceased one person, it has addresses, phone numbers, all your emails. It's going to tell you every little detail about associated with you, all your previous addresses for me, it had aunts, uncles, everything I've never even put on Facebook or anything like that. This is all the information that I've never put out was basically on this site like what I'm saying.


How to remove personal information on sites

This is some personal stuff actually or what I want to get off of, it lists your possible real as possible associate everything, but as far as how to remove this stuff is just click on privacy right here, and the name of the site is, just come the true people, and you'll search your name, just to see what I'm talking about.

You can type in your name or your address, whatever it's going to find you, and then after you get to through Google search calmness and get there, you just click privacy and then come to record removal requests, you just click all this information.

That's just going to basically make you search for your name all over again, just like you already did, if you find multiple names you just basically go through the same process, and then basically it deletes everything pretty much instantly on there, could be more sites I am not sure about that, I mean there could be something the truth with the search outcome, that way you can actually check it out and remove your information off old web sites.


This is you're going to know that your personal information is just being stolen out here and you want to get that off of the internet. Also, I do make posts about all scams and stuff like that how to protect yourself from that stuff, how to point out what a scam on the Internet.

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