SCAM ALERT TruePeopleSearch com

By Gavin | July 26, 2018

SCAM ALERT TruePeopleSearch com

So, everyone on my Facebook is freaking out lately over this website that popped up called true people search comm. Now, if you look on Facebook, you'll find like a million different videos of people being super dramatic about get your information off of there now opt out.

I mean they just freak out about some invasion of privacy. I mean they're fear-mongering big-time um the site is pretty accurate. They have decent info on everybody what people are failing to realize is that it's being pulled from other services and public records. It's just being compiled in one spot, now here's the problem they have an opt-out system right but in order to opt-out you have to agree to their privacy policy.

In that privacy policy it states that you're giving them consent to track your device, that you're accessing the site from so does anybody else feel like that's a little sketchy. I mean why do they need to know, where you're at. On top of that their privacy policy was like copied word from word, word-for-word, from some dating hot-or-not site called stud or dud, why that's just weird and people are freaking out over it.

The best thing to do is just leave it alone, don't mess with it, don't freak out, it's a scam they're trying to collect your IP address, of trying to collect your data, and by trying to opt-out you're basically confirming the information. they have because why would you want it off there.

If it's not real so yeah, my advice just stay away from it. It's a scam, they're trying to get more info and they're probably a sell it to other sites. so just stay away from it.